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Vehicle History Report

Critical Information A Vehicle History Report Reveals

A vehicle history report, filled with information about a car, can be a used car buyer’s best friend when used properly.
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Steps To Obtaining A Legitimate Vehicle History Report

Many sources are available for a cheap vehicle history report, making it easy to obtain records prior to purchasing.
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VIN Check

Where Can I Find The Vin For My Vehicle?

If you're checking VIN number on a vehicle for your research, we have a list of locations this number is found.
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How Many Owners Does That Used Car Have?

A VIN check can help you to track down former owners of your used car for purposes of record keeping, restoration, and warranty information.
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How To Avoid Odometer Fraud In 7 Easy Steps

Discover how a free vehicle history report can help you uncover odometer fraud before you buy your next used car.
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Can You Repair The Car Odometer By Yourself? You'll Be Surprised!

It is possible to save money on costly mechanic bills by learning how to fix your broken odometer yourself.
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Car Tips

Proper Car Maintenance Guide: By Miles

Learn when to do all of the proper car maintenance items your vehicle needs to keep you on the road.
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How To Get The Most Money In Selling Your Car

Selling your car for the most money is all about paying attention to the details - tips for maximizing your profits.
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Site Reviews

Carfax: The Good And The Bad

Discover why is one of the top sources for vehicle history reports today and whether this online service is the best choice for you. 
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Comprehensive Guide To The Best Vin Check Websites

Check out these tips for selecting the best VIN check website when you are in the market for the best used vehicle for your needs.
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In The News

Just Turn On Your Blinker To Sell And Buy Used Cars

A new, free mobile app called Blinker connects buyers and sellers of used cars through their smartphones, streamlining the private-party market.  
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Rains In Louisiana And Florida Flood Used Market With Water Damaged Cars

Recent flooding in America drives more water-damaged vehicles onto the used car market.  Protect yourself from becoming a victim of flooded cars.  
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Vehicle Recalls

Your Car Safe? 30 Years Of Recall Stats Revealed

Over 75 million cars, SUVs, and trucks made across 14 manufacturers have been recalled in 2016, setting historical records.
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